What are they saying -

"Just wanted to thank you again Paul, I retooled our Mission Statement last night and I couldn't get it out of my head all day today. I walked in to work, spoke to the other Manager for a couple of minutes and when I realized that my ideas had merit I immediately took our two senior kitchen staff into my office for a meeting about food quality. The meeting lasted about a half an hour and afterwards both of the cooks were fired up and full of ways to improve our food. It was amazing to watch plates leave the kitchen all night, what a difference!

I feel like this is only the beginning and I have you and your workshop to thank.

So . . . Thanks!"

           Your Fathers Mustache, Halifax, NS

“Paul Empey possesses the qualities of an exceptionally gifted coach. He has the experience, skill, and commitment to empower his clients to connect more fully to their own inner strengths, which support them in manifesting their potential with consistent results. Building on his extensive experience in the business world, he provides his clients with appropriate and effective tools and strategies that help them implement their business goals.”

              Iris Stallworth-Grayling, LMFT, CPC - Licensed psychotherapist

“Paul dramatically upped the Leadership quotient at Ocean Nutrition using his honed Leadership skills. Paul aligned all levels of company leadership to focus on corporate goals which proved to be a powerful asset. As we attended and implemented Paul’s training one could quickly see departments working closer together, focused employees, empowered co-workers, increased team-work, etc. It was a time of exciting change and increased productivity that I feel Ocean Nutrition is still benefiting from today. I would recommend Paul to any company looking for ways to increase productivity, focus employees and generate positive corporate culture.”

             Gordie V. - Ocean Nutrition Canada

"Paul has provided me with the foundation and tool kit to effectively mobilize and align our team's talent and skill sets to accomplish great things. It will be up to me to implement and execute, but Paul has provided me with the path. I has been a transformational experience for me"

             Rick Pope - VP Sales Key Accounts

“He makes you think of different ways to get the best out of all the people you work with. Paul helps to inspire the greatness!!”

              Colin B. - Director R&D

“Paul is an amazingly intuitive coach.  He was able to see right into me and understand my highest goals. From a comprehensive understanding of my most important goals in life, Paul created a vision statement for me which propels me towards succeeding each and every day with a speed I never imagined possible!  I highly recommend Paul to those who are serious about their success.”

             Trish Luna-dealva  -    www.TrishTalks.com

“Paul and I worked at Acadian Seaplants Ltd. Paul managed people and processes as head of operations for the company. Paul uses modern management techniques to keep people motivated and engaged to do what they said they would do. The right Attitude is Paul’s secret. Given the chance I would work with Paul again in the Future”

               Sean C. - Market Development Manager International

“I have known Paul for seven years. He is passionate about helping people to develop and reach their full potential. He is a great facilitator and coach. His training was awesome and certainly changed the ways we work in our company. I highly recommend Paul. He will make a huge positive impact in your organization.”

               Alexis F. - Ocean Nutrition Canada

“Paul conveys information and ideas clearly and logically he participates fully, sharing knowledge and expertise. Paul has a way of drawing the best out of people and is a pleasure to work with.”

               David O. - Plant Manager

“I sought Paul out as I heard he had a reputation as an inspirational individual. I was seeking help in personally developing focus in my life and business. After having him coach me I must say that all of what I heard was true. He has a gift of drawing out the best. During our coaching he never told me what to do or how I should be. Paul had an uncanny ability to get me to see the direction I needed to go on my own. It made it my own. I believe that is why I will succeed moving forward, because I became accountable to myself and my results. Ownership is everything. Thank you Paul.”

             Patricia C. - Business Owner

“I have known Paul for years. He will always be remembered for implementing effective leadership and development training at ONC. Having the ability to implement this type of training is one thing but to see it through and produce positive results is another. Due to his charisma, teaching style and friendliness Paul was able to truly involve all of the employees which allowed them to effectively participate and learn. I believe that Paul has a unique combination of skills that make him a very effective at Leadership and Development. In addition, Paul is a very approachable individual who understands the importance of the balance of personal and professional life and inspires trust. Our communication was always very constructive and congenial. I strongly endorse Paul in contributing his skill to the leadership and personal development of professionals. Many companies and institutes could greatly benefit from his expertise.”

              Jaroslav K. - Sr. Director of Research

“This is the first training that didn’t keep goal setting vague. It’s been preached that goal setting is important since primary school but nothing before has given me the tools  to achieve those goals.”

              Jon L. -  Sr. Director Operations