“You can learn what drives employee engagement from books and seminars or you can do it through experience as I have from plant floor to executive suite. That’s what I bring to your organization – knowledge gained through seeing how great companies strive for success from the perspective of both the shop floor employee and the executive leader. Let me tell you some of what I learned through this experience. It may have a connection to some of the challenges you face within your organization”

Paul Empey – Founder, In-Gaged Leadership

Having started out on the plant floor as a lead hand back in the late 1970’s and leading a small group of operators to becoming Plant Manager overseeing over one hundred and thirty employees I helped develop the mindset, skill set, and tool set that set the foundation of what it takes to lead. As part of this organization, Sippican Ocean Systems became one of New England’s fasted growing and successful companies as we developed and produced many of the cutting edge technologies in electronics within the US submarine fleet and oceanographic industry.

Later I lead the transfer of much of this technology to Hermes Electronics Canada, now Ultra Electronics. I played a significant role in helping an already successful company become the third largest producer of sonarbouys in the world. As part of the senior team I worked side by side with the operators on the plant floor in setting up two major production lines in less than a year. This allowed the company to meet all its commitments to the customer thus winning numerous major contracts with many of the NATO countries.

Accepting the role of VP Operations and Engineering in a small and emerging company in Nova Scotia I helped the owner in developing a team that constructed and managed two major manufacturing facilities in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia which helped propel Acadian Seaplants on the path to becoming the world leader in seaweed bio-stimulants for agriculture.

From there I had the opportunity to help yet another up and coming organization develop. I took on the role of Vice President of Operations and Supply Chain at Ocean Nutrition Canada. Focusing heavily on a young management team at the company’s flagship production facility where we were able to turn it around into an effective, efficient facility. With a heavy focus on the development of human capital an expanding capacity through major capital projects, I participated in helping Ocean Nutrition Canada become the world’s largest and most respected producer of Omega-3 products. As lead in setting up the infrastructure for the procurement and production of oil in Peru, I also worked with the Peruvian Government and producers in developing a strong supply chain for raw material.

Now as President of “in-gaged” Leadership I am offering the same experience and knowledge to organizations looking for support in reaching their potential. With over thirty years experience in Senior and Executive positions in Operations, Supply Chain, Human Resources and Leadership Development I have helped organizations bridge the gap from a lack of engagement to a fully engaged workforce.

In this role I also spent almost two years as acting COO for one of the fastest growing company’s in Atlantic Canadian to help integrate all their divisions across the country through developing the leadersip skill of key managers as well as sharpening their business acumen.

Having mentored and coached employees through effective communication skills with the ability to quickly develop rapport and trust I have the ability to work with Senior Management to help develop strong leadership. I bring the experience to help organizations see the path to greater growth and potential. Through helping their leaders and staff become more engaged and accountable it has allowed companies to meet their goals of growth and profitability. Always focused on execution, fiscal responsibility and ROI, I understand what great leadership can do.

Certified in Leadership Development, Disciplines of Execution, a Certified Professional Coach and tapping into my years of cross functional Senior Management and Executive experience, I have a track record of working in and with organizations going through high growth and significant change, always focusing on “Employee Engagement” as a management tool. Having developed successful programs that directly contribute to the growth and profitability of organizations, I always focus on the organizations bottom line. I bring the ability to bridge the gap between how Senior Management and their employees interact. This is one of the most significant challenges in business today.