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It is there, you just have to refocus and remember.”

At “in-gaged” Leadership we offer the opportunity to support organizations that are busy trying to be successful but may need some more focus on what drives them to success. We work with you to draw out of the organization the strengths that will help you succeed. Today’s business has become so preoccupied with meeting weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual results they’ve forgotten what really drives them to success. They have lost sight of what got them there in the first place. “in-gaged” Leadership helps you remember. Let us unlock your key to success.

363 Assessments

With the ability to deliver a solid 363 assessment backed with thirty five years of business experience to build a professional development plan to move forward is invaluable. With the power of Everything DiSC and Inscape Publishing you can’t get a better development tool.

Interim Leadership

With years in Executive positions I bring an experienced vision to help guide and fine tune your organization to help you do what you are already doing better. I share my thirty five years of experience to help in your success.

Executive Coaching

Delivering a mature experienced approach, I bring the knowledge of what can work and what most likely won’t. Executives like yourselves have been successful, I just add to your portfolio of experience and vision.

Manager and Supervisor training and coaching

Having started out on the production floor and moving into senior roles during my career allows me the ability to mentor and share experiences that not only help develop your leaders, but carries the credibility that others may not bring to the table.

Business Coaching

With thirty five years of experience in all phases of Business I bring the business acumen that can help small to medium size organizations gain the advantage of momentum right away.

Public Speaking

On request, I love to speak to all topics of leadership and motivation. Never shy about sharing my opinions of what success looks like, I offer a unique prospective. Those willing to take a chance may find me engaging, motivating, and a bit different in my approach.

One-with-one Life Coaching

Add more info about your Offering personal coaching I work with individuals looking to create life plans to succeed and understand the direction they want to go to succeed. Always focusing on the talent and power that already exists within you, I help draw it out and create the environment for you to become accountable for your success

Team leadership development

Add more info about your With the power of Inscape Publising and “The Five Behaviours of a Functional Team” along with experience in leadership training you can’t get a better opportunity to unleash the talent of your team. Focused on the communication and team dynamics we help develop the abilities of “individuals” in a team, become “team players” once they understand their tendencies. Tapping into years of “Team Training” we will utilize real experiences that have the credibility to allow the training to stick

“Just wanted to thank you again Paul, I retooled our Mission Statement last night and I couldn’t get it out of my head all day today. I walked in to work, spoke to the other Manager for a couple of minutes and when I realized that my ideas had merit I immediately took our two senior kitchen staff into my office for a meeting about food quality. The meeting lasted about a half an hour and afterwards both of the cooks were fired up and full of ways to improve our food. It was amazing to watch plates leave the kitchen all night, what a difference!

I feel like this is only the beginning and I have you and your workshop to thank.

So . . . Thanks!”

-Your Father’s Mustache, Halifax, NS

Let’s make something beautiful together.